When’s the best time to background screen employees?

employment background screening

‘Before you hire someone, of course!’ I can almost hear your response. And you’d be absolutely right but have you thought about the following?


  • Identifying and engaging a background screening provider;
  • Undertaking a risk assessment (based on job description) to determine the checks you need a preferred candidate to undertake;
  • Allowing the time for the process to occur. Think candidates providing their details, checks to carry out, any subsequent follow-up questions and more;
  • Reviewing outcomes and any further steps you might need.


These things all take time.  So don’t delay.  Make structured background employment screening a key component of your recruitment process today.


Call VerifyNow to help.


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Marianne Curnow

Marianne Curnow is a Consultant with Cogent Business Solutions, who specialise in security vetting and employment screening. Cogent’s automated screening platform is VerifyNow. VerifyNow is the talent acquisition professional's trusted partner in employment background screening and verification. verifynow.com.au