Top Three Employment Checks

Top Three Employment Checks

I recently asked HR leaders which background screening checks they thought were the most important.

Police checks were in everyone’s top three – no matter their role or industry. Another key point was verifying details of a candidate’s past employment. That’s where the similarities ended.

From there on, HR leads were concerned about the job and its requirements. Employment screening checks needed to be relevant and appropriate. Typically, these could include psychometric tests, licence checks, reporting manager references, right-to-work confirmation and fitness for work.

The discussions highlighted that most HR leaders take a risk-based approach. The question is: Do you?

You need to think about the following:

  • Tailoring screening checks to the job description
  • From the front desk to CEO, considering the position and also access to data and/or finances
  • Continuing to screen at regular intervals, post appointment, as roles may change
  • Protecting your brand and employees

So what’s in your top three employment checks?  Let us know.

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