Notification of Processing Timeframes for Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks

November 2021 Update We received an official communication from the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) that the check processing delays are no longer being experienced. Therefore, we have removed the link to the letter provided by the NPCS to accredited bodies that outlined information regarding delays.  VerifyNow would thank our customers for their patience over […]

How To Use Employment Screening to Minimise Employee Fraud

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Employee fraud is more common than most businesses think.  While high profile employee fraud cases have become an increasingly popular feature in our news, smaller businesses aren’t immune to this type of employee misconduct.  For example, in 2018, a woman from Western Australia was recently sentenced to six years in jail for stealing money from […]

The Essential Guide on AFP Police Checks

AFP police check

Commonly referred to as an Australia Federal Police (AFP) check, the national police check compares the applicant’s details against a central database of police history information to determine if there’s any information that may need to be disclosed. To ensure that your business isn’t vulnerable to various risk factors, conducting an AFP police check as […]

The Ultimate Guide on Australian Police Checks

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Police checks are a common form of employment screening practice used by both international and domestic organisations when engaging an applicant who has previously lived and/or worked in Australia. While specific jobs have mandatory requirements to perform police checks by law, employers are increasingly choosing to voluntarily conduct criminal history checks as part of their […]

Working With Children Check: The Ultimate Guide

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Working with Children Check is a screening clearance for people who work or volunteer with children in Australia.  One of the main reasons this risk assessment screening process is obligatory when working with children is to offer child protection and safeguard them from abuse and neglect.  While VerifyNow does not provide these checks, we strongly […]

The Essential Guide to Working with Vulnerable People Checks

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The “Working with Vulnerable People Check” (WWVP) is a type of background verification check for individuals who work or volunteer with children and vulnerable people in Australia.  The purpose of the check establishes a risk assessment system for individuals working with vulnerable people to reduce the likelihood of various types of abuse towards these individuals […]

6 Probity Checks That Every Business Should Have

6 Probity Checks That Every Business Should Have

In conducting probity checks for our clients, we’ve had the unique insight and experience to identify recurring patterns and common misconduct. What’s interesting to see is that there’s a shifting trend towards strengthening pre-employment screening through probity checks as part of a broader hiring framework. The objective is to better protect businesses from making poor […]