How To Use Employment Screening to Minimise Employee Fraud

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Employee fraud is more common than most businesses think.  While high profile employee fraud cases have become an increasingly popular feature in our news, smaller businesses aren’t immune to this type of employee misconduct.  For example, in 2018, a woman from Western Australia was recently sentenced to six years in jail for stealing money from […]

3 Types of Interview Questions and Techniques Employers Should Use

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Identifying the best candidate for the job starts with asking the right questions during the interview.  While interviews can help evaluate the candidate’s skill sets and experience, it can also help you determine how they think and how they would fit into your company – but you have to ask the right interview questions.  There […]

Working With Children Check: The Ultimate Guide

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Working with Children Check is a screening clearance for people who work or volunteer with children in Australia.  One of the main reasons this risk assessment screening process is obligatory when working with children is to offer child protection and safeguard them from abuse and neglect.  While VerifyNow does not provide these checks, we strongly […]

5 Benefits of Employment History Checks

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Employment history is one of the most common misrepresentations that candidates make when applying for a job.  According to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) report, 25% of people include inaccuracies on their CV. Information such as their past job titles, responsibilities and even reasons for termination are some of the most common types of […]

The Essential Guide to Working with Vulnerable People Checks

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The “Working with Vulnerable People Check” (WWVP) is a type of background verification check for individuals who work or volunteer with children and vulnerable people in Australia.  The purpose of the check establishes a risk assessment system for individuals working with vulnerable people to reduce the likelihood of various types of abuse towards these individuals […]

Why A Conflict Of Interest Declaration Is Crucial For Protecting Your Business

Why A Conflict Of Interest Declaration Is Crucial For Protecting Your Business

A conflict of interest declaration is an essential tool in ensuring that everyone involved in discussions or decisions regarding your organisation is serving in the best interest of the business.   Recently, it was revealed that the Federal Coalition government was aware of a conflict of interest of staff involved in the $30m land purchase near Western Sydney Airport […]

Everything You Need To Know For Conducting A Comprehensive Reference Check

Everything You Need To Know For Conducting A Comprehensive Reference Check

The reference check questions that you ask can be very helpful for the hiring process. They can help you work out if a potential employee will be an excellent fit and whether their previous work performance is in line with your needs and expectations. It’s quite normal when you’re reviewing candidates to want to make […]

6 Probity Checks That Every Business Should Have

6 Probity Checks That Every Business Should Have

In conducting probity checks for our clients, we’ve had the unique insight and experience to identify recurring patterns and common misconduct. What’s interesting to see is that there’s a shifting trend towards strengthening pre-employment screening through probity checks as part of a broader hiring framework. The objective is to better protect businesses from making poor […]

6 Reasons Why Not Using Pre-Employment Screening Makes Your Business Vulnerable

6 Reasons Why Not Using Pre Employment Screening Makes Your Business Vulnerable

Most employers know they need to conduct some form of pre-employment screening. Some introduce a comprehensive employment screening framework while others are haphazard in their approach. If you fall in the latter or don’t conduct any pre-employment screening during your hiring process, then your business is vulnerable to negative financial, legal and cultural risks.  Whether […]

Why Reference Checks Hold Their Value

Why Reference Checks Hold Their Value

For many, 2020 has been a year of challenges and rapid change. Industries have had new ways of working thrust upon them. The talent acquisition process has been impacted. More people are searching for jobs, yet some roles remain unfilled. Amid this flurry of activity, it pays to be mindful and mitigate risk. Don’t forget […]