Police Checks and Identity Verification

Criminal History checks are one of the most common checks conducted in Australia
Police Check and Identity Verification

As an accredited body with the ACIC, VerifyNow (Cogent Business Solutions) are authorised to submit Police checks on behalf of organisations to assist organisations with the screening of employees.

The National Police Checks, also known as Nationally Coordination Criminal History Check include separate checks employment-based positions and volunteer positions. International police checks are also available upon request.

Be confident knowing the candidate is who they say they are. ID verifications are processed through a gateway service partner using the Australian Federal Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS), an online system for comparing identifying information with a government-issued record.

Criminal History Checks and Identity Verification include:

National Police Check (Australia)

Prices for the National Police Check vary between checks for paid positions and voluntary positions. The volunteer police check can only be used for voluntary purposes and not for paid positions of employment.

All national police checks include identity verification as part of the service.


Identity Verification (Australia)

The Australian Federal Government Document Verification Service (DVS) is an online system for comparing identifying information with a government-issued record.

The DVS checks whether the personal information on an identity document matches the original record. The DVS makes it harder for people to use fake identity documents.

Cogent need to make sure applicants are who they claim to be. The Identity Matching Services provide a secure, fast and private way for identity documents to be verified. VerifyNow utilises a gateway service provider to complete DVS checks.

What ID do I need to provide?

ACIC requires you to provide four documents from 3 categories, as below:

  • ONE Commencement of ID Document
  • ONE Primary Use in the Community Document
  • TWO Secondary Use in the Community Documents.

In all instances, the combination of identity documents must contain at minimum your full name, date of birth and a photograph. If you have provided identity documents using a former name, such as a maiden name, you must provide evidence of the name change in addition to the four identity documents.

The nature of the documents in each of the categories is summarised below:

  1. full Australian birth certificate (not an extract or birth card)
  2. current Australian passport (not expired) (P)
  3. Australian visa current at time of entry to Australia as a resident or tourist
  4. ImmiCard issued by Department of Home Affairs (previously the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) that enables the cardholder to prove their visa and/or migration status and enrol in services (P)
  5. certificate of identity issued by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to refugees and non-Australian citizens for entry to Australia
  6. document of identity issued by DFAT to Australian citizens or persons who have the nationality of a Commonwealth country for travel purposes (P)
  7. certificate of evidence of resident status.
  1. current Australian driver’s licence, learner permit or provisional licence issued by a state or territory, showing a signature and/or photo and the same name as claimed (P)
  2. Australian marriage certificate issued by a state or territory (church or celebrant-issued certificates are not accepted)
  3. current passport issued by a country other than Australia with a valid entry stamp or visa (P)
  4. current proof of age or photo identity card issued by an Australian Government agency in the name of the applicant, with a signature and photo
  5. current shooters or firearms licence showing a signature and photo (not minor or junior permit or licence) (P)
  6. for persons under 18 years of age with no other Primary Use in Community Documents, a current student identification card with a signature or photo (P).
  1. certificate of identity issued by DFAT
  2. document of identity issued by DFAT (P)
  3. convention travel document secondary (United Nations) issued by DFAT (P)
  4. foreign government issued documents – for example, driver’s licence (P)
  5. Medicare card
  6. enrolment with the Australian Electoral Commission
  7. security guard or crowd control photo licence (P)
  8. evidence of right to an Australian government benefit – Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs (P)
  9. consular photo identity card issued by DFAT (P)
  10. photo identity card issued to an officer by a police force (P)
  11. photo identity card issued by the Australian Defence Force (P)
  12. photo identity card issued by the Australian Government or a state or territory government (P)
  13. Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) (P)
  14. Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) (P)
  15. credit reference check
  16. Australian tertiary student photo identity document (P)
  17. Australian secondary student photo identity document (P)
  18. certified academic transcript from an Australian university
  19. trusted referees report
  20. bank card
  21. credit card

ACIC has also advised that expired identity documents will no longer be acceptable.


International Police Check

Prices vary depending on jurisdiction. Please note that police checks on some jurisdictions are subject to availability. Contact us for more information.