How To Build Teams That Thrive In Any Environment

How To Build Teams That Thrive In Any Environment

Businesses haven’t necessarily embraced change with COVID-19 and the overnight move from office work to working remotely.

The results have been mixed.  Some people have adapted and are maintaining a productive working week. Some have had change forced upon them. Others have faced the challenges of working from home mixed with family demands – think supporting their children’s on-line learning.

  • How do your teams remain cohesive while separated?
  • How well do you know your employees and what motivates them?
  • How do you uncover the qualities that best suit remote work?
  • How well can you support employees at this time?

Most importantly, how do you learn from recent experiences and use them to create a resilient workforce of the future?

Psychometric testing can help

Innovative psychometric assessments can reveal people’s dynamic personality.

As restrictions are lifted, will all your employees need to come back to the office? If not, how will you decide who’s best suited to remote work?

You can uncover who readily adapts to change, who has the flexibility and willingness to evolve in changing work environments.

Do your employees or job candidates need agile learning capabilities? Should they have curiosity, a willingness to experiment, take risks and try unconventional methods?

How do you recognise accountability? I mean being disciplined, maintaining a consistent work ethic and being responsible.

VerifyNow’s psychometric test offerings can help businesses and individuals recognise qualities that benefit an organisation and identify those that need development. Help bring people together by reducing barriers and enabling more authentic connectionsBy doing so, we ignite what truly matters in high-performing teams:

• Shared vision with diligent implementation
• Focused drive with collaborative process

After all, one of an organisation’s best assets is its employees. Creating an environment in which they can thrive is key.  So is building a workforce that’s adaptable.  If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the past months, things can change in an instant. Businesses need employees that embrace teamwork and collaboration – even at a distance.

We feel forever changed with the events of 2020. Yet many things stay the same. We still value teamwork and seek collaboration with others. The working environment may be different, but our needs remain as before. Let’s not allow the changes to affect our ability to achieve and thrive.

Learn as much as you can about your preferred candidate and how they’ll fit within a team. Delve deeper into your existing team and their capabilities. Consider psychometric testing. Hire with confidence. Develop and maintain a robust workforce.

With Lumina Learning, VerifyNow can help.  Khai Ngo is an accredited practitioner with Lumina Spark and Lumina Select.

About Lumina Learning:

Lumina is a global provider of innovative personalised selection and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations.

Lumina Learning designs and delivers cutting-edge products based on its integrated suite of digital psychometric resources, qualifying and supporting a global community of practitioners specialising in organisational transformation.

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