Good help is easy to find

Employment screening with VerifyNow

Finding good help has always been a tough job. Whether it’s a mechanic, accountant or CEO you need, finding the right person can be fraught with pitfalls.

It can be a jungle fighting your way through CVs, references, agency recommendations, credentials, qualifications, personal recommendations, background checks …

You know the headaches of hiring. It’s painful. Stressful. But you also know it’s vital to get things right. And that means doing the basics. The fundamentals.

Do you or the agencies you use verify the credentials and qualifications of your prospective workers? Properly?

Do you really know who you’re hiring?

In today’s business world, your performance is scrutinised more than ever before. It’s never been more important to be at the very top of your game.

That means ensuring your integrity is first-rate.

That means ensuring your employees are first-rate.

Do yourself a favour. Make sure your employees are just that.

Poor hiring choices can cost your business. Recruiting and training costs, your brand, your revenue and employees can all be affected by the wrong choice.

We provide the checks your recruitment needs. Talk to us at VerifyNow.

Marianne Curnow

Marianne Curnow is a Consultant with Cogent Business Solutions, who specialise in security vetting and employment screening. Cogent’s automated screening platform is VerifyNow. VerifyNow is the talent acquisition professional's trusted partner in employment background screening and verification. verifynow.com.au