Employment History and Reference Checks

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Employment History and Reference Checks

You should know who you are hiring. Mitigate risks to your business by confirming eligibility to work, requisite expertise, fitness for physical roles, integrity and more.

Employment History verification

We offer 5 year or 10 year employment history verification. Longer time periods are available on request.

This employment history verification includes confirmation of the following details:
• Name of organisation where applicant was employed
• Dates employment and positions held
• Status of employment (full time, part time, casual, contract, internship)
• Reason for departure


Reference Check - Automated online, on phone or in person

Our reference checks can include both character and professional referees using standard or client specific questions.

Online reference checks are fast and efficient.  VerifyNow seeks input from nominated referees via customised reference check templates to learn more about a candidate’s capabilities and experience.  Our templates incorporate values-based questioning.