Employment and Integrity Checks

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Employment and Integrity Checks

Know who you are hiring. Mitigate risks to your business by confirming eligibility to work, requisite expertise, fitness for physical roles, integrity and more.

Employment History Verification

Employment history is one of the most common falsifications that candidates make when applying for a job. They provide inaccurate information about their past job titles, responsibilities and even reasons for termination, in the hope to secure a job offer. Companies who hire these fraudulent candidates can expose themselves to costly risks and reputational damage. This is where employment history verification comes into play. Our employment history check dates back to five years of history or two previous roles. Extended history checks are also available upon request.

Employment history verification includes confirmation of the following details:
• Name of the organisation where the applicant was employed
• Dates of employment and positions held
• Status of employment (full time, part-time, casual, contract, internship)
• Reasons for departure

Reference Check - online or by phone

Reference checks do more than just measure and report on a candidate’s technical skills and work experience, they also give organisations valuable insight into their work ethic and integrity. There are two types of reference checks available: employment and personal.  Our reference checks can be completed online or by phone.

With a high number of resumes containing inaccurate information, failing to conduct a reference check can be very costly to organisations. Given that candidates falsify work experience, credentials and reasons for termination, a thorough reference check is important.

Collecting references can be time-consuming. Online reference checks help recruiters and hiring managers become more efficient. VerifyNow seeks input from nominated referees via customised reference check templates to learn more about a candidate’s capabilities and experience. Our templates incorporate values-based questioning, and can include both character and employment referees using standard or client specific questions.

The referee can respond at any time and review their responses before submitting. Multiple checks can be undertaken at any given time. This means HR advisors are free to focus on other facets of talent acquisition, knowing this process is working for them.

Phone reference checks are suitable for sensitive and/or senior positions that require a quicker, premium and more personal experience. VerifyNow staff schedule a suitable time with the nominated referees to conduct the reference check.

Digital Footprint Check

A digital footprint is the unique pattern of electronic transactions made by an individual’s online presence. This can include information, articles, photos or videos you or others post or share online. A digital footprint check establishes an initial picture of a candidate’s online presence based on publicly available information.

According to a 2019 article from the Australian Financial Review, multiple studies show that more than 75 per cent of employers actively research candidates online, and more than 70 per cent have decided not to hire a candidate based on what they’ve found.

Digital footprint checks can provide insights into potential behaviour of concern or it can help validate that the candidate is suitable. The benefit is it allows employers to appropriately assess the potential risk a candidate can pose to the organisation.