Credentials, Licences and Qualifications Checks

Do the details add up?
Credential, Licence and Qualification Check

These range of checks help confirm the candidate’s listed credentials, licences and qualifications are accurate as provided by the candidate. These checks are integral to protecting the reputation of your organisation and the integrity of your recruitment process.

Our checks include:

Professional Body Membership check

Verify the professional qualifications and membership candidates have listed on their applications.

Qualification Check - Austalia

We will verify the candidate’s listed qualification with the issuing organisation and will obtain the following details:

  • Individual’s name on the qualification
  • Name of the institution
  • Name of the qualification obtained
  • Date the qualification was obtained

Qualification Check - International

Times will vary for international qualification checks depending on the institution and country. Please contact us if this is a requirement.

Entitlement to Work (visa) check

We can verify the work entitlements of visa holders to check visa details and conditions, including: if their status include unlimited work rights, limited work rights including a description of the work conditions and/or no work rights.