Credentials, Qualifications and Right to Work

Do the details add up?
Credentials, Qualifications and Right to Work

This range of checked help to confirm a candidate’s credentials, qualifications and right to work. The Checks are integral to protecting the reputation of your organisation and the integrity of your recruitment process.

Our Checks include:

Professional Body Membership check

Qualification Check - Austalia

We can verify the candidate’s listed qualification with the issuing organisation. This can include universities, tertiary colleges, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). The qualification check will obtain the following details:

• Individual’s name on the qualification
• Name of the Institution
• Name of the qualification obtained
• Date qualification was obtained


Qualification Check - International

Have an applicant that received their qualification abroad? VerifyNow can complete international qualification checks on behalf on employers and provide peace of mind. Turnaround times may vary for international qualification checks depending on the Institution and country. Please contact us for a more detailed discussion.


Entitlement to Work (visa) check

Is your candidate is entitled to work in Australia? Is their visa valid? As a registered organisation, we help employers check the work rights of visa holders who are either prospective and/or current employees.

The Entitlement to Work check involves checking the applicant information on the Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO) provided by the Australian Government.

VEVO will display:
• unlimited work rights
• limited work rights including a description of the work conditions
• no work rights

Here is a link to the visa conditions as provided by the Department of Home Affairs website.