Police Checks and Employment Screening Services for CCER Members

VerifyNow is CCER's preferred provider for police checks and other employment screening services

At VerifyNow, our mission is to help organisations build a trusted workforce. 

CCER is winding down its Police Check Verification service at the end of 2020 and has chosen us, VerifyNow as its trusted service provider for Police Checks. This has many advantages to you, including, modern time saving systems and a wide range of employment screening services, such as identity verification, employment history checks, qualification and reference checks. The Police checks are offered at comparable rates to CCER’s previous service.

Key Benefits for CCER Members

More Service

You will have greater access to not only police check services, but a range of other employment screening checks.

Digital Solution

Everything is completed online via computer, tablet or mobile. We save you time and reduce admin.

Ease of Use

Our platform is easy to use and is accessible to your organisation's employees and volunteers.

Secure Storage

All personal and sensitive information, and identity documents are stored on our secure systems.

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Steps to sign up for VerifyNow

1. Register Interest

Register your interest and provide your details. We will submit a Legal Entity Customer (LEC) request to the ACIC to access the police checking service on your behalf.

2. Sign Agreements

After selecting the suitable service package, you will be provided with a VerifyNow service agreement and the ACIC LEC contract for review and signature.

3. Get Set Up

We'll add your authorised users, provide access to the VerifyNow platform and you'll receive an onboarding pack to get you started.

4. Start Screening

You're all set to go. Register applicants and the employment screening process will begin automatically!

Register Your Interest

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Who is VerifyNow?

VerifyNow is a digital employment screening platform. It was developed streamline its employment screening service, making the process faster and simpler for both employers and applicants.

The purpose is to help employers recruit with confidence by providing efficient and effective employment screening. 

Cogent provides a range of checks and assessments to support the screening of new hires and the existing workforce.

Who is Cogent Business Solutions and what is the connection to VerifyNow?

Cogent Business Solutions (Cogent) created VerifyNow, a digital employment screening platform. Cogent was established in 1996 as a management consultancy company with extensive experience in risk management, security, procurement and ICT. Today, Cogent is a leading provider of security vetting services.

Can I request additional users onto my account on VerifyNow?

Yes you can. Only authorised contacts from your organisation can request additional users on the VerifyNow platform.

How long will the background checks take to be completed?

This will depend on the background checks included in the screening package.

What support is available?

Our client support team is available by email or phone from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm AEST. There are also handy FAQs on the client dashboard to help you.

Are international criminal history checks available?

Yes, we can process international police checks. Prices and turnaround times do vary depending on the jurisdiction.

How will requesting for Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks be different?

When you request police checks and other background checks on VerifyNow, you simply register the candidate and we take care of the rest. Applicants will receive a request to complete their application form online and are responsible for providing the required information. Clients will not need to hold or store any applicant identity documents or their details. This is all handled by the VerifyNow platform.

Clients will receive a notification when the employment screening is completed and can download the reports from the VerifyNow portal.

What is DVS?

Australian Federal Government Document Verification Service (DVS) is an online system for comparing identifying information with a government-issued record.

Why choose VerifyNow?

Save time, money and remove hours of administrative burden when you use VerifyNow for employment background screening.

Free your HR team to get on with the business of interviewing, hiring and retaining quality personnel.


Can I access the VerifyNow platform on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access it on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Where is your data stored?

All of our data is stored in Australia.

Want to learn more about VerifyNow?

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