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As opportunities arise,  Cogent constantly seeks the services of enthusiastic, energetic and well experienced people to join its dynamic team.  Achievement of client objectives is of prime importance.  In recognition of their efforts to achieve this objective, employees are respected, their input valued and their rewards competitive.

Cogent strives to provide our employees with flexible working conditions and embraces personal and professional development.  Cogent considers the employment of every individual an important factor in the ongoing growth and success of our business.

In accordance with our privacy policy, we will ensure at all times that privacy and confidentiality is maintained when collecting, using, disclosing, securing and/or providing access to personal information, and that any such personal information is used exclusively by Cogent for its intended purpose.

To enquire further regarding potential employment opportunities with Cogent please submit your CV to careers@cogent.com.au

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Frequently Asked Question

If you’re interested in employment with Cogent, it’s best to send an enquiry via email. If you have questions specific to an advertised position, you should contact the email or phone number listed.

If the position description specifies this as a mandatory requirement, then you’ll need to meet this requirement otherwise you will not be considered. However, from time to time we may organise a training program to help up skill individuals to be qualified for security vetting. If available, this will be promoted on our website.

The Cogent head office is located in Fyshwick ACT.