2020 Vision – Make Your New Year A Great New Year

2020 Vision Make Your New Year A Great New Year

Welcome to 2020. And welcome to a brand new year you want to kick off the right way. So, first things first …. who are you hoping to bring into the fold this year?  If you’re like other employers, you’ll have high hopes – and high expectations – for any new employees you’re looking to bring on-board.

Make sure your 2020 vision is backed up by some real 20/20 vision.

I’m talking about knowing exactly who it is you’re thinking of hiring in the new year. Look closely. Look clearly.  You don’t want any unexpected surprises.

At VerifyNow, we can do that for you. We can help take the risk out of selecting new employees. We can verify eligibility, expertise, integrity, suitability and more.

There are lots of benefits to the employment screening VerifyNow offers. First and foremost, picking employees you will retain is cost effective. No surprises means no adverse costs picking up the pieces of problematic staff.

Moreover, identifying quality candidates helps your operational competency and integrity. Which is exactly what you want.

So be informed and minimise your worker turnover by selecting the best choice.

Simple, sensible screening may just be the best investment you ever make. It helps improve your efficiency and productivity, and can help avoid expensive backlashes. It also frees up your talent acquisition teams to focus on providing higher value to your business.

Truth be known, it’s just common sense, really.

So, make 2020 a true happy new year. Work with us and together we can make that happen.

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