Our range of checks and verifications

As an accredited body with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, we are authorised to submit police checks for employment screening purposes. Identity verification is processed through our gateway service partner using the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service.

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Conduct a thorough employment history check of the candidate for the previous five or ten years. Reference checks can be completed online, on phone or in person. These can include both character and professional references using standard or client specific questions.

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These checks help confirm if the candidate is appropriately qualified for the role. They are integral to protecting the reputation of your organisation and the integrity of your recruitment process. Our checks include Australian and international academic qualifications, professional memberships, Australian trade licences and driver licences.

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VerifyNow’s range of checks support organisations to hire with confidence.  Manage organisational risk by assessing the suitability of prospective employees to work in specific roles. Identify candidates who possess the values and integrity that align with your organisation’s standards. We offer bankruptcy, business interest, digital footprint, and directorship checks.  We also offer a unique Applicant Integrity Interview service.

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Financial Regulatory checks are commonly used for applicants involved with the management and financial transactions of a company such as directors, financial controllers, chief financial officers and investment bankers. These checks may also be required within certain regulated industries, such as financial services or banking. Our Financial Regulatory checks include APRA, ASIC and AFS Register checks.

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Employment Background Screening

Cogent Business Solutions developed VerifyNow to streamline its employment screening service, making the process faster and simpler for both organisations and applicants. We provide a range of checks to support the screening of new hires and the existing workforce.

Cogent is an Australian company established in 1996 as a management consultancy based in Canberra. Today, Cogent provides personnel security vetting and background screening services to government, industry, not-for-profit and private sector clients with consultants located in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Cogent undertakes most of its personnel screening activities in its managed services centre in Fyshwick, Canberra where we have dedicated offices for our vetting and screening staff.

Key Features

Reduced Paperwork

Applicants no longer need to print, scan and upload forms. Everything is completed online on phone, tablet or desktop.

ACIC Accredited

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission accreditation for Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks.

Australian Owned and Operated

Data remains in Australia unless required for a specific international check e.g. international criminal history check.

Fast Turnaround

Employment background screening is our core business. We are experienced, fast and efficient.

DISP Accredited

We have Defence Industry Security Program certification to ensure secure systems and premises.

Trusted Personnel

All our personnel are screened extensively for suitability before access is granted to any personal information.

Local Customer Support

Our team is based in Australia and will provide you with ready support.

ISM Controls

Policies and procedures in place based on Australian Government intelligence requirements to ensure secure systems and infrastructure.

VerifyNow Employment Screening

Save time and money when VerifyNow undertakes employment background screening services for you.  VerifyNow helps organisations remove the hours of administrative effort screening employees. We make it easy to customise your screening requirements and ensure the right verification and checks are undertaken.  We can work with your talent acquisition team to tailor reference checks and manage the process efficiently and effectively.  Utilising VerifyNow’s employment screening allows your HR team to get on with the business of interviewing, hiring and retaining quality personnel.

Available Packages

Clients can choose from a list of existing packages or organise custom packages to suit their employment screening framework. Example packages:

Bronze Package

  • Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check
  • Identity Verification
  • Reference Checks
  • Employment History Verification
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Silver Package

  • In addition to Bronze Package:
  • Qualifications Check
  • Professional Memberships Check
  • Reference Checks
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Gold Package

  • In addition to Silver Package:
  • Applicant Integrity Assessment
  • ASIC Banner and Disqualified Register Check
  • ASIC Enforceable Undertakings Register Check
  • APRA Disqualified Register Check
  • Anti-Money Laundering Check
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Directorship and Business Interests Check
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